The Vineyards

Estate-owned vineyards

40 hectares of estate-owned Vineyards. This is the treasure that has been passed down from generation to generation, within the same family, and is the soul that brings our wines to life. We understand our vines. We know just how to interpret their whisperings and how to tend our vineyards.



This variety gives excellent wines, with strength and elegance and with exceptional aromatic tones and flavours.


This grape produces wines of an intense colour, with purple hues and a fresh, spicy aroma that blends extremely well with the Tempranillo.


We cultivate this variety in the southern part of La Rioja, on reddish soils at a higher altitude.



This system comprises a central axis and branches obliquely arranged at regular intervals, one opposite the other in the plane of the row. The minimum distance between branches of successive tiers (3 or 4) must not be less than (50-60 cm).

Goblet trained

This is a traditional training method, suitable for low production and little humidity. This system is based on leaving spurs on short arms located at a short distance from the low trunk, giving the classic “candelabra” shape. The buds burst from these spurs, producing the clusters. Apart from the pruning in winter, there is further pruning in spring, which is always complementary to the former. In spring we particularly aim to eliminate the winter shoots. Buds may appear in winter, generally called adventitious buds These new shoots distort the desired shape of the vine.

Grape harvesting
with tender care

Grape harvesting

A team of 10 family members are responsible for harvesting the selected crops. Apart from an occasional weather-related exception, all the vineyards are hand-picked. We control the optimal ripening time and the field selected for harvesting in order to obtain the desired colour, texture and aromatic notes. The average yield per hectare does not exceed 6,500 kg.

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